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rescued badger cub

Three orphaned cubs get second chance

In May 2021, GBG was asked to assist in the rescue of a badger cub in Bristol.

The cub was one of three siblings wandering through gardens following the death of the sow from an RTC.


Two of the cubs were caught and transported to Secret World Wildlife Rescue (SWWR) the day prior to the call to GBG.


The third cub was spotted wandering around the district in daylight by numerous people the following day.  During the preparation to travel across and assist in the capture of the cub, we received a call that the cub had been captured and was being held in a large dog cage.


The cub, a sow, was rather small for the time of year, estimated to be eight to nine weeks old and weighing just 2 kgs.  Normally at this time of year the cub would be around 12 to 14 weeks old and around double the weight.

Transferred to a small rescue cage the cub was then taken to SWWR to join its siblings.

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