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rescued badger in grasper
rescued badger untangled from  net

Badger gets stuck in football net

In July 2022, GBG received a call from a concerned member of the public who had spotted a badger in distress. The badger was entangled in a football net left that had been left in a field overnight. It had clearly tried to free itself but was unable to.

GBG attended to the badger and, with the help of a grasper, freed it from the net (a grasper is a tool to help keep the badger and volunteer safe during the rescue). The badger had no obvious injuries but was taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue for overnight observations - this was to be sure there were no constriction injuries.

Weighing a healthy 5.5kg and injury-free, the badger was taken back to location he was found and released from the cage - we don't think we've ever seen a badger run faster!

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